Mail Yahoo Unread, Starred, Draft and Sent functions

Mail Yahoo as emailing service offers different tools for users to manage their inbox and messages properly, with proper instruments and folders that allow them organize all the information that are created by default. For example, the Unread, Starred, Draft and Sent folders are available from the very beginning as main functions in Yahoo.

  1. Purpose of the folders in Mail Yahoo
  2. Mail Yahoo Unread folder
  3. Mail Yahoo Starred folder
  4. Mail Yahoo Draft folder
  5. Mail Yahoo Sent folder

Purpose of the folders in Mail Yahoo

The default Unread, Starred, Draft and Sent folders in Yahoo Mail are containers where messages can be put or moved into, automatically or by the users to have a better and more organized experience in every way. At the moment of signing in and get to the inbox and Yahoo Mail home page. This is how and where they appear:

mail yahoo

Depending on the actions carried out on the platform, the messages automatically can be moved to one folder or the other. Logically, sent emails will be moved to the Sent folder after they are sent, while drafts are unsent messages that remain in the Draft folder until they are completed.

Mail Yahoo Unread folder

The Unread folder is the one where unread messages are saved after they are moved from the inbox, in order to keep it organize and frequently by the user.

mail yahoo

To move a message from the inbox to the Unread folder is very simple. Go to the inbox, choose the message by selecting the check box on its left, and then click on the “More options” button next to the Spam option.

mail yahoo

A set of options will be shown, click on the first one “Mark as unread” and the message now appears on the Unread folder.

mail yahoo
yahoo mail

Mail Yahoo Starred folder

The Starred folder is a system where the user can keep their preferred messages in one placed, by giving them the starred condition. To do it, go the folder where the message the preferred message is and click on the little start icon, which is placed next to the Subject. It will automatically appear on the Starred folder.

mail yahoo
email yahoo

Mail Yahoo Draft folder

The Draft folder is the container where incomplete messages appear before they get sent or when they are being created, in order to save text, attachment and other information of the email automatically after leaving the writing panel.

Here is how it looks and when the message on the Draft is opened the writing panel to keep addig information and text is available:


Mail Yahoo Sent folder

The Sent folder is the one that keeps every sent message by the user saved and reachable, going there automatically after is sent. So, for a message to appear on this container mandatorily must be sent previously, since emails cannot be moved manually to this location.

If we send a message, we can see how is moved to the Sent folder in the next images, in case there is the need to resend it or for the purpose of having a record of messages that have been shared.  


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