Lightning company Zebedee introduces an enhanced version of its ZBD app, a gaming-centric Bitcoin wallet, offering users the opportunity to earn Bitcoin and engage in a novel social experience.

In a significant development, Zebedee is launching a new iteration of its ZBD app, which combines gaming and Bitcoin functionality with a unique social platform. This exciting offering allows users to earn Bitcoin while enjoying the benefits of a vibrant social network.

The ZBD app is currently in the alpha phase, and users can sign up for the waitlist to gain early access. Developed by Zebedee’s open-source division NBD, the app is powered by Nostr, a decentralized protocol gaining traction with over two million users. Notably, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has shown considerable interest in Nostr as a foundational element for the future of social media.

Earn Bitcoin and Connect on New Social Platform

Earn Bitcoin with ZBD App’s Innovative Features

With ZBD, users will soon have the ability to send “zaps,” small amounts of Bitcoin, to others instead of conventional “likes.” Additionally, the app incorporates encrypted direct messages (DMs) that can be utilized for secure payments.

Zebedee co-founder and CTO Andre Neves explained the unique aspect of ZBD, stating, “Unlike traditional social platforms, ZBD introduces zaps, empowering users to send microtransactions globally and monetize their content in a whole new way. Say goodbye to meaningless likes and embrace the opportunity to earn money for your online contributions, creating a more rewarding and engaging social experience.” Neves expressed this sentiment in an email exchange with Decrypt.

Unlocking the Benefits of Decentralized Social Media

In addition to the Bitcoin earning potential, decentralized social media offers users more control over their data compared to traditional platforms. Unlike centralized corporations that govern user data, decentralized social apps provide users with greater data ownership.

Neves highlighted the advantages of decentralized social apps, stating, “With a decentralized social app, you have the freedom to carry your identity and followers across any number of apps. No longer restricted to a closed-off ecosystem, you can connect with friends and creators regardless of the specific platform they use.”

Zebedee’s ZBD app marks an exciting step in merging gaming, social interaction, and Bitcoin functionalities, catering to individuals seeking both meaningful experiences and potential financial rewards in the digital realm.

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