Ymail is the service of choice for millions of users across the world as email solution, being the key to access a useful and easy-to-use platform that include plenty of options to take advantage of. In the same way, Yahoo Mail app offers the key credential to use other solutions and services provided by Yahoo! That have been live online since many years ago. 

Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News and many more platforms are available, and all of these are fully featured to the users that have created Yahoo! Mail accounts, working as credentials to access. 

Of course, by itself Yahoo! Mail is a very capable platform to stay communicated, receive and send messages and share multimedia files as photos and videos, with an unlimited storage capacity for attachments, meaning that images will not be reduced in quality to meet some size to be saved.

Due to all of this and more, Ymail is preferred by many people around the world with millions of users, and now they will have the chance to enjoy a proper and powerful app to use their Yahoo! account on their phone or tablet and event email account from other services. 

We are talking about the Yahoo Mail app from which the platform is looking to be reinvented from scratch, at least in the mobile segment to provide a more than capable and powerful app, which will be available for Android and iOS devices. 

A completely new Yahoo Mail app 

yahoo mail app

Yahoo! is offering its new Yahoo mail app for mobile devices, so the users can have a proper platform of communication, exchange of files and a formal way of contact as appropriate tool to use at work, college and more.

More than that, the new app has been designed to meet with the features the users require at this point in terms of security, characteristics, customization, ease of use and more, all available through a light application that can be downloaded for iOS devices as iPhones and iPads, as well as for Android devices of different brands. 

The app not only includes amazing functions regarding email, messages and attachments, but it also involves a more comprehensive set of functions, such as list management for groceries, all sort by categories that can be customizable by the users, giving the possibility to stay organized in many aspects of life and all through the phone an app. 

With the new Yahoo! Mail app is possible to go find, go shop, go fly and go do, all at once and faster thanks to the Views function in the application. Finding the unread emails have not been this easy before, as well as searching for that important attachment or document, adding loyalty cards and grocery, find bookings and confirmations for trips and flights and many more. 

A new design and a completely set of functions in the Yahoo Mail app 

Yahoo Mail app is a completely new designed platform that was developed under the approach of making easier the organization of personal information and other functions, always respecting the personal space of the user, along with comprehensive customization at every level. 

This means that, for example, with a tap on the screen users are able to unsubscribe from services and emails that are arriving but that are quite annoying and overwhelming. This is a very useful and unique function to stop receiving messages that are useless or that are related to some newsletters or services, which simply are not used anymore or there is the intention to discard. 

Yahoo! Mail is designed to recognize and help managing and organize received emails and messages, especially when those have a specific purpose and use. Getting a delivery and tracking packages have never been easier with Yahoo! Mail app, with relevant information and messages at hand to know where shops are and when they will arrive. 

The new Yahoo! Mail platform not only is available not only for mobile devices in the form of an app, but it is also possible to use it in desktops and laptops as well with regular internet browsers, including all the best features the app has and more. 

Spice up the email use with Yahoo Mail App

With the new Yahoo! Mail platform to spice up email use will be easier, bringing fun and complete customization so the inbox and other sections look like no other. From themes and colors to adding emojis, inbox and the general layout and aspect of the app can be changed at own taste and feel, which can be easily downloaded and applied to the app in seconds. 

Customization and personalization also have to do with different gestures that can be done to perform some functions and actions on the app. Swiping left on a message on the inbox will mark it as “read”, as swiping left will delete the email with such simple action to be carried out. 

Getting the app the way we want means in almost limitless options and changes to apply, making Yahoo! Mail for everyone and all types of users, either elders with sight problems to young people that are looking for something to be excited about. 

From high contrast themes to protect eyes and use the app more comfortably, to change text size and even apply assistive technologies for people with disabilities, the app and platform is designed to be used by anyone who is in the need of a proper email service. Screen reader is a great example of assistive features for blind users. 

Email accounts in just one place with Yahoo Mail app

Yahoo! Mail is compatible with other emails services available, so every account from Gmail, Outlook, AOL and other platforms will work just fine and messages will be received. This is especially useful if users want just one place where they can check all of their emails and not separate apps, taking more time to check messages. 

With email accounts from other service providers in just one place with Yahoo! Mail, and the possibility to use them through the app and also with internet browsers on desktops, the platform is a comprehensive solution for email that involves all personal devices, mobile and local. 

By Miguel Araujo

Mi Name is Miguel Araujo and i do sites about information with tutorials, in this site i will post articles about Yahoo