Yahoo Finance New Tab extension is not working now in google chrome

Yahoo Finance is one of the main financial informative tool par excellence, being used by many mercantile analysts to predict suitable investment contexts, and also to make assertive decisions on the course of their recent projects.

To begin with, Yahoo Finance is not a new portal, it already counts with a great trajectory and therefore, it has experience on the adequate information broadcasting to its visitors. In fact, the web site was the preferred one in 2014 by North American conservatives, who perceived annual earnings surpassing the 100.000 dollars.

In so, the web page functioned by itself for many years, but in the natural advance of web technologies and all the elements working around them, extensions have become in one personalization tool with great potential.

In detail, this potential is linked to the fact that the supplied information by the native portal is not personalized and it is more general, taking into account the region and precisely for that Yahoo Finance counts with portals for Latin America, Europe, Asia and a global web page which works for the North American market.

Yahoo Finance New Tab extension

How Yahoo´s financial extension works and its functions

In this case, extensions allow to personalize the amount of values the portal should show based on the particular interests of the visitor. This currently is possible through a specialized extension called Yahoo Finance New Tab, which can be found on the Google Web Store and be installed on Google Chrome.

For example, extensions on the Google browser works as a complement that permits making certain interventions on the browsing experience of the user, so, for the particular case of  Yahoo Finance visitors, this extension allows personalizing the showed information on Google Chrome´s home page.

Like this, the customizable information showed on the home page can include relevant values for the analysts, which exclude data that do not necessarily influence on their synthesis, or in the case about needing it to consult, they prefer to visit the portal directly.

In the same way, besides showing stock data the extension also shows news that are considered relevant for the big data financial analysis. Like this, such news can have political or social nature that end up being imperative for the context they provide to the analysis in general.

How Yahoo Finance New Tab is installed in our systems 

Installing a Google Chrome extension is not particularly complicated, although it is recommendable having logged in with a Gmail account. In relation to this, the installation is quite automatized and the most complicated thing is to locate the extension on the Chrome Web Store.

About the installation process, the extension is textually called Yahoo Finance New Tab and when you indicate you are going to install it, it will automatically get downloaded and added to the extensions list with previous authorization, which you must provide on an unmistakable dialogue box. For additional security, make sure it appears as the brand that provides it, in order to avoid any confidentiality or privacy issue.

Continuing, when it is installed the home page is changed to the extension one, which consists on the elements described before, along with direct accesses to frequently visited web pages. In so, these pages are the same ones showed by the “most visited” tab from the original Chrome home page, but adding the useful Yahoo direct access to home screen.

Yahoo Finances

Suitable screen width for Yahoo Finance extension

At the same time, direct accesses are customizable even though the searching engine of the bar that appears on the home screen set by the extension cannot be changed or modified. So, in order to take the most advantage of Yahoo Finance´s financial bar interface the screen where the browser is shown have to be wide.

On the other hand, if the screen is not wide enough this bar with relevant information will not be shown, losing the advantage of the installation of this extension. Also, among other things to consider is because there are so many extensions out there that abuse and violate Google Chrome setting permissions, the browser now supervise the extensions that produce changes on the current configurations.

Like this, if a modification or change in the configuration occur Google Chrome would be able to notify it and provide to the user the option to restore the previous configuration. Nevertheless, if this option is selected the Yahoo Finance New Tab extension will be disable, being an important aspect to take in consideration.

Counterparts about Yahoo Finance New Tab as an extension

Also, not all is benefit to the user according to the Yahoo Finance New Tab´s informative capabilities, if we consider that along with it we must adopt Yahoo Search as our predetermined searching engine.

Since, this engine not only is configured to be used on the searching bar located on the new tab interface set by the extension, but it is also used as the predetermined searching engine when we use the URL bar when we want to make online searching on the internet.

Therefore, the only way to be able to use the searching engine of our preference is accessing to the corresponding portal on purpose, since the searching engine change on the extension cannot be done by any mean.

Without any doubt this is an important flaw, especially if we are used to utilize Google as our favorite browsing engine, although a rush solution is to set one of the Yahoo Finance New Tab´s bookmarks in the home page, for it to direct us the searching engine web of our preference.

So, to conclude the Yahoo Finance New Tab extension is an admissible choice if we are willing to use Yahoo Search as our preferred searching engine. In fact, actually there are little differences in relation to the search results if they are compared with other searching engines, but some users can take this quite sensibly as change, being something imperative to take into account with no doubt.

By Miguel Araujo

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