Introducing the Twitter NFT Search Tool by NFT Inspect

NFT Inspect, a popular NFT analysis and community tool, has unveiled a new Chrome browser extension designed to provide real-time information about popular NFT collections commonly used as profile pictures (PFPs) on Twitter.

NFT Inspect Launches

Discover and Analyze NFTs on Twitter

The Twitter NFT Search tool, available as a web version in beta and as a Chrome browser extension, allows users to explore the various ways NFTs are utilized on Twitter. It enables searches for NFTs used as profile pictures or shared in tweets. Additionally, the tool leverages publicly-available blockchain data to analyze individual wallet addresses and determine the usage of specific NFTs within those wallets. The browser extension also provides insights into the rarity traits of individual NFTs.

Filling a Gap in the Crypto and NFT Ecosystem

Oliver Cohen, President of NFT Inspect, highlighted Twitter’s role as a central platform for crypto and NFT discussions in real-time. Recognizing the lack of comprehensive tools to harness the power of Twitter for tracking, analyzing, and engaging with the crypto and NFT ecosystem, NFT Inspect developed this solution. By utilizing AI algorithms, the tool detects NFT-related content on Twitter, tracks the popularity of different NFT collections, and monitors community growth around specific NFT projects. These valuable insights empower users to make informed decisions regarding NFT investments and community engagement.

Supported Blockchains and Future Development

The browser extension currently recognizes NFTs on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchains. However, it does not support video or GIF files. NFT Inspect, which made a comeback under new ownership in March after temporarily ceasing operations in January, continues to enhance its suite of tools for monitoring market trends. In collaboration with Polygon Labs, NFT Inspect aims to develop unique NFT use cases, foster wider adoption, and provide a seamless user experience for their respective communities.

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